Greenhorn, let's check out the Top Warbands and Top Guild!

  • Tap on the "Leaderboard" button to check the Top Players and Top Guild

Top Players

  • You can view the Top Players in the game with their Medal Count
  • You will be able to ONLY "Visit" the Players Base from this Leaderboard
  • You will be able to "Attack" 4 Players 'above' and 4 players 'below' your Standing in the Leaderboard


Top Guild

  • You will be able to ONLY "View" the Top Guilds in the game
  • Tap on the "View" button of a Guild and you'll be able to view all information about the Guild - Name, Description, Members, Medal Count, Guild Status
  • You can also send a Request to join a Guild here by tapping on the "Request to join" button