Greenhorn, the Dark Druids are not the only threat out there. Other enemies have been pushing at our borders. Let's launch a raid on our enemies and use the resources to expand our Hall of Chief.

The more success we have raiding rival bases, the more we'll be feared in the Vale! 

  • You can tap on the ‘Attack --> Multiplayer’ button to attack your Enemy Base 
  • The Enemy Base attack is randomly chosen based on your current Level and Medal count
  • During Combat, double tap a unit to select the entire army
  • In Multiplayer, destroy 67% of Enemy Base forVictory and minimum Medal
  • You can earn Resources (Silver and Magic) in Multiplayer Combat with either Victory or Defeat
  • Medal is rewarded with Battle Victory and lost from Defeat
  • In Combat, destroying Magic and Silver Storages loots their Resources
  • In Combat, destroying the Hall of Chief loots a small amount of Resources
  • Every Spell (Powerup) can be used ONLY once in Combat
  • During Combat, you do not see the debris and if any thorn blast in the enemy base
  • In Multiplayer, you can attack a base only while the Enemy is offline

  • Prior to deploying your unit in the enemy base, you can view the Resources which can be earned and Medals which can be earned or lost. These stats varies with enemies
  • With Victory in Battle, you receive the mentioned Medals and Resources
  • With Defeat, you only lose the mentioned Medals, however Resources will be rewarded based on the Enemy Base destroyed

  • You can check the 'Attack Logs' in the Logs section of 'Hall of Chief' and tap on 'Retaliate' to attack on the specific enemy base
Attack logs

  • By retaliating an enemy, you can view your current Unit forces before starting the attack

  • Time Duration in Campaign Battle - 5 minutes
  • 67% or 100% of Base destroyed - Battle Victory - Resources and Medal earned
  • Battle Defeat -Resources earned based on the destruction and medals lost
  • You can also abort the Battle by tapping on the 'Retreat' button, but you lose medals


  • If you wish to continue the Attack to "Next Enemy", the current Troops health will be carried forward
  • If any Units are killed in an attack, then they will not be available for Next Enemy attack until "Repaired"