New Leaf, our supplies swell beyond our storage capacity! Let's upgrade our storages and build additional facilities so we can press our advantage.

Now that we've stockpiled our resources, with more beds other armies of The Vale will tremble at our might. I suggest you upgrade your Hall of Chiefs and Practice Field.

  • Supply related to the Units (Infantry, Vehicles, Aerial) in game
  • With upgrade of Hall of Chief and Practice Field, you can increase the Supply Count of your Units up to 150
  • The Supply Count varies with each Unit (Infantry, Vehicle, Aerial) 
  • The Total Supply Count of Units will reach 150 only upon upgrading the Hall of Chief and Practice Fields to Level 5

Infantry Supply Count

Infantry Supply Count
Swordsman 3
Fire Archer 4
Brute 6
Hurler 6
Sorceress 10

Vehicle Supply Count

Vehicle Supply Count
Ballista Cart 5
Catapult 6
Flame Shooter 8
Siege Engine 15
Magic Rumbler 20

Aerial Supply Count

Aerie Supply Count
Gyrokopter 7
Gryffin Rider 10
Thunderbird 15
Mech Dragon 20
Zeplin Bomber 25